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I am the owner of Di Carlo Systems Inc., a computer solutions company serving Southwestern Ontario, Canada. If you are looking for IT solutions, etc, you can find us here.

Previously, I worked as a DBA primarily using MS SQL and heavily leveraging SSIS; I also had the privilege of using my development experience to build various intranet apps and crafting solutions to business problems, sort of like SkunkWorks. Nowadays, in addition to running my company, I develop software for clients and open source, with PHP and Laravel being my goto (I'm a TALL stack guy) but I've previously built software using Java.

Over the years, I've built some packages like Eloquent Human Timestamps and PhpUnit Failed Runner and have contributed to various projects like Invoice Ninja and Takeout. My Github profile is here and my company profile is here.

I have recently started blogging about problems and solutions I come across in software development, hence this site!