July 18, 2021

Running Only Previously Failed PHPUnit Tests

I love TDD, or test-driven development. It does take getting used to the seemingly slower pace of development but to me that's an illusion. Sure, I can't just spike out an app in 3 hours but my...


June 30, 2021

My ZSH Snippets

After typing the same commands at a shell prompt or manually configuring some JSON config file for the umpteenth time, I sometimes find myself falling down the rabbit-hole and wanting to make my life...


November 16, 2020

Testing When Using Laravel's SoftDeletes

The other night I was trying to debug a rather irritating issue in an app where some tests would inexplicably pass or fail. There didn't seem to be any pattern - e.g. I could run the whole suite 10...


October 29, 2020

Building an Autocomplete/Typeahead Component with AlpineJS and Livewire

The concept was simple: build an autocomplete (or if you prefer, typeahead) text input for a project I was working on but using only AlpineJS and Livewire. Fast forward a couple of weeks, multiple...