May 20, 2022

Dynamically Using spatie/laravel-honeypot with Laravel Jetstream

I've been having an issue lately with my SasS Triprecor with registration bots and wanted to leverage the spatie/laravel-honeypot package to protect it. The only problem is Jetstream uses Laravel...


March 26, 2022

Working with Git Worktrees - Part 2

In my last post, I mentioned what a boon the combination of leveraging Git worktrees and my VSCode extension Switch Git Worktree has made to my workflow. The last missing piece was how to speed up...


February 16, 2022

Working with Git Worktrees

While listening to a recent episode of the excellent North Meets South podcast, a random comment sparked a curiosity in me - specifically about Git worktrees. I had heard of this complex, arcane,...


December 7, 2021

Triprecor In Beta

After about a year of on and off work, I'm happy to announce that my mileage tracking app Triprecor is now open to beta testers. It's a proud day for me - I've been using it myself for a while and...